Thursday, May 20, 2010


haven't done much at all in the garden since falling pregnant.....too tired! but the lazy gardener is always rewarded with something.

nasturtiums and chrysanthemums are perfect for a lazy gardener!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


yep - i'll look like this today thanks..........

in reality this is what i look like - a psychadelic hobo! what is not pictured is my new grey woolen beanie i just finished knitting and my very unglamorous morning face. i must admit that i do love sunday morning's when dressed like this :) skidding through the house on my home made slippers, attempting to clean up after the week.......

tsumori chisato image found via bird and banner


countdown to tokyo. last night kee accidentally broke one of my fave japanese bowls (i think he was too excited by the appearance of triple choc icecream in the freezer).

i told him "lucky we're going to japan next week. now i'm going to have to buy even MORE ceramic items"

so excited!

(on a completely separate and disturbing note - just saw on the news some poor sydney girl was offered a fake job through facebook and met with a 20 year old man who then killed her. it sure is a scary world out there. i don't have facebook but i do have a blog which is sort of the same.....but please take care everyone out there. we're not in kansas anymore, Toto.)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

one year

one year today since laura died. big love to you, the boys and all of our family for today!
last year on the day of your funeral we planted heaps of bulbs, we'll do the same again...
(image found here)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

bigger, bigger!

this blankie is getting bigger and bigger!
(meanwhile my outrageous wool stash is getting smaller and smaller)

having very vivid dreams at the moment about old friends, rock stars, champagne, people's boyfriends whom i have never met.............

craft update

so this guy was inspired by mieke willems and he has a bell inside for extra fun! he started out as a sailor but then turned into a sultan!

weekend away

visiting lici in canberra. the view from her loungeroom is pure autumnal bliss. lici took us to her fave 'secret' junk shop. one of the best i've been to in ages!

winter picnics, bushwalking, crosswords, op shopping and growers markets. great weekend!