Tuesday, July 27, 2010

watermelon love

just couldn't resist this op shop treasure...

weekend in the grampians

spent a lovely weekend with 8 other friends rockclimbing, bushwalking, picnicing, devonshire-teaing, chatting, watching footy, bbq-ing and copious amounts of laughing. weekends like these are hard to beat.

(i even managed to do some baby cardi crocheting on top of hollow mountain!)

Friday, July 23, 2010


one day i will lock myself in a white room filled only with wool, hooks and needles and i'll make myself something as crazy beautiful as these............
until then - looking at these will suffice. they are incredible.

this weekend holds mountains, crafting, strolling, finishing off baby cardigan and merriment!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

prints for her room

just ordered these beautiful prints by fanja of le traine fantome and elisabeth dunker of fine little day
they arrived super quickly and with two gift postcards! thank you! i soooooo look forward to hanging them above her cot!


getting to the 'feelin' a tad frumpy' stage of the pregnancy - more just because maternity clothes are so gosh darned ugly. i seem to be picking up a few awesome scores from target (big floral and black baggy t-shirt dress number in a fat lady size for $6.90) and kmart (great maternity leggings with a black and grey leopard print sorta pattern for $6.00)...............

saw these shirt dresses over at a cup of jo and thought they could fit a big preggy belly in very well at the same time as making one feel her normal, individual self.

it's like they only want pregnant to look like stretch fabric cows in no other colour than burgundy and charcoal.............

Sunday, July 18, 2010

pram mobile

crocheted around a bird bell, threaded on some felted and wooden beads between the yo yo's and tada! something garishly bright that jingles - hopefully she likes it!

cold n' cosy

had lici visit from canberra to see the bump.........she couldn't keep her hands off it! I guess we've known each other since we are 12 and it's just a tad surreal for her :) I still sometimes look down and can't believe it! we went for a winter bbq at maroondah reservoir and it was beautiful and very very fresh!
spent a raging saturday night........kee picked up some antibiotics for his ear infection and i went to town with my new jumbo size clover yoyo maker. this thing is addictive! i'm making a mobile to hang from bub's pram and will thread them with felt and wooden beads and a few bells. it felt so lovely to be making this out of fabric i bought in tokyo and fabric i've been stashing for years.....i do love making little things for her. it's strange - it feels like a tangible way of loving her.

even though we haven't met her yet, we love her lots.

Friday, July 16, 2010

airey's inlet and beyond.....

had a lovely weekend along the south-west coast of victoria with family....

but this week has been a busy, long, emotional and exhausting one and it feels like years since we were on these beaches.

once again looking forward to a restful weekend full of cups of tea, crafting and a bit of nesting


Friday, July 9, 2010

tokyo on request!

mum has asked for more photos from tokyo - so of course i was happy oblige!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

yo-yo delusion

why is it in times of stress or trouble, one tends to think of outrageously time consuming and laborious craft projects. one deludes themselves into thinking something can just be 'whipped up' and that all of the usual crafting obstacles will magically melt away and you will transform into some goddess of home made goodness?
it's a big mistake.
so instead of that giant sized quilt i'd LOVE to make for my daughter due in november (who already has a charmingly suitable quilt from kee's childhood) i may just give into temptation a little and make a kitschy number like those pictured above.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

catch up

first half of the year i really lost my love of blogging. just too much do-ing and not enough time to bottle it and preserve it in blogland - especially what with 10 flights in amidst first trimester fatigue.

so now i'm really enjoying catching up on reading and discovering blogs. maybe it's winter, maybe it's more energy now i'm further along in my pregnancy or maybe it's just what i feel like but it's fun.

one of my fave blogs for a long time has been wikstenmade and Jeni's personal style and talent is really something else.....the above image is from her blog. stop by and have a look - you won't be disappointed!

sunday arvo

dinner last night with the gang was great - so great everyone ended up sleeping over! we had a great, lazy brekky at Cedar Bakery (our local lebanese bakery) and we all agreed a sleep over was a must again soon....

did my first bit of gardening since falling pregnant. ruth and john bought us a whole heap of seedlings last weekend when they visited to get us going again and even though it's a mere start it feels so much better knowing i'm back on the gardening wagon.

weekend has seen loads of cooking, washing, cuddling, crocheting of baby blankie and tea drinking. kee is off rock climbing this arvo and i'm definitely okay with snuggling up and catching up on a few crafty things and taking it easy.

just feelin' so happy :) hope you all are too!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

weekend again!

(around this time last year mum visited and we went on loads of winter walks, pinched plant cuttings and did lots of opshopping. we didn't have a car yet so we travelled the epping line through some very no-frills suburbs)

don't know how it happened but weeks seem to be slipping into some kinda vortex. but super happy it's the weekend........even if it is a rather cosy, domesticated kinda weekend in front of us. although i have to say, i miss late night dancing and on these cold winter nights a glass of shiraz would be amazing but hey - gotta give this little bub in my belly the best i can which is early nights and nerry a drop of booze!

kee's in the garden at the moment preparing the soil cause i've got some leafy winter greens to plant in. then we're off to the market, going to make delia's winter veg pie (for the second time this winter) and the gang are coming over for cosy, lazy winter dinner and footy. pumpkin soup, roast chook and cake are also on the menu! yum!

i must admit, on days like these, i am rather fond of melbourne winters......