Friday, October 28, 2011


hello! what a busy last couple of week! and i find myself with a moment of time and felt the need to write a few what have we been up to?

i turned twenty nine. mum visited for 4 weeks and it was amazing. not one barney! not one! had a few too many hangovers (with a live in babysitter, going out was sometimes too tempting!). we have hung out at the pool. done LOADS of packing. Lottie is now standing (holy meatballs!) and she has so many new party tricks! lots of park playing and picnics. visiting the public baths every day of last week. enjoying our fave cafe at the moment kitschen pantry (pictured above - if we sit outside, LP can look at dogs and dig in the dirt whilst I attempt to drink my coffee).

what i didn't get much done of was crafting. I found having my sewing machine sitting on the table was creating a bit of pressure and I didn't like that feeling at all! So, like I did with my blog - I packed her away and just enjoyed living in the moment. I feel like I made the right choice. I will have a lot more 'alone' time once we move to Perth as I just don't have the network of stay at home mamas to play with that I do here so I thought better to enjoy them (and mum) whilst we still live in the vicinity.

lots of emotions are swirling. I will write about them as they come to me. Needing a place to get them out and here is as good as any! I realised I've been purposefully trying to deny any feelings about leaving - with a small baby its easy to ignore the future and just live day to day. But as our departure date (nov 12) looms it becomes more apparent that I can't block it out. Tears have been coming thick and fast and I've just got to go with it!

we have also been sent photographs of the place we are most likely going to be living. It is massive compared to our melbourne 2 bedrooms (3 bedrooms with massive kitchen and two living rooms) but it is going to need a lot of TLC. It even has lime green laminex in the kitchen! hahahaha. Anyway - we will inspect when we arrive and take it from there. Kee is an electrician and my Dad is a carpenter/painter so I feel that all will be well.

It will be so different from where we currently live. So close to the city - such a small, urban community. Where we are headed is definitely a lower socio-economic area but our place is next to a large park with great play equipment and 10 minutes from the beach. And - now its time to put our money where our mouth is - we always say we embrace a diverse community so now is the time to prove it!

hope you are all well out there! I have missed your friendly faces, notes and thoughts!

Monday, October 10, 2011

{break in transmission}

Since Poppy died I haven't felt the need to blog. Through my time as a blogger I have gone through bouts of wondering "why blog" and always returned with ferver. But as we approach this crazy time - walking, toddlerhood, moving interstate, change of EVERYTHING - i feel like i need to concentrate on living. appreciating what I have left of where I live and the amazing life we have built around ourselves.

it is incredibly emotional to think about leaving this house. my child was born into it. not to mention the amazing dinner parties. the loungeroom conversion into a killer dancefloor. this neighbourhood has been our lifeline when it felt like we were trapped in an endless bubble with a newborn. now it seems fitting that as we start to spread our wings, so too, we shed our current little coccoon.

so it will be rather quiet around here. i have LOVED the solidarity i have been so lucky to have built up with many of you. it has kept me company when i felt lonelier than ever before. it has inspired me. made me feel like this world is a grand old place!

but now its time to focus on everything that lay in front of me today and in the near future. I even deleted my facebook account! I will of course keep reading along and peeping into your lives as you have new stories to share. and most importantly, will reconnect when the time is right! my blog may even begin its fourth rebirth!

i would DEARLY love to connect with those that live on the west coast. its a scary thing leaving my mamas here and it will feel so nice to know I have some fellow ladies out there who 'understand'.

so take care all.....much love to you, your families and little ones. can't wait to see you on the other side of all of this crazy, hectic hard work we have in front of us!