Monday, November 29, 2010

due date

today is her estimated due date and like we knew all along, she'd never be as compliant to arrive before or on this day :)

so despite her becoming very heavy and all the annoying calls from everyone asking "have you had your baby yet?" i will take advantage of this time and continue with all manner of things - namely crafting and napping!

beautiful mobile by Cocon found via 3 Sheets

Thursday, November 25, 2010

visit from mum

burp cloths made with vintage fabric and flannels

mum left last night after visiting for 10 days. can't say we ventured far outside my postcode due to me being heavily pregnant but we did walk the streets admiring gardens, did loads of sewing, watched crappy dvd's, went for coffee and cake and did lots of work in the garden. thanks mum for helping us with the finishing all we need is this baby to arrive!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


since being pregnant i must admit to indulging in the occasional gingerbread biscuit....i will also be attempting a double ginger cake for a friends birthday next week.

these gingerbread biscuits by Alicia Rosello found via hello sandwich sure look good!

mum arrives tomorrow morning - that means lots of relaxing, walking, pottering, gardening, crafting and learning how to fold nappies!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


feeling a little lacklustre this morning so my antidote has been 'go do something!' and crossing things off the to do list always helps......

did some baby related things, had brekky at Babka, bought a birthday present for someone at Kleins Perfumery and indulged in a beautiful Nathalie Lete ceramic plate - ridiculously cheap and after all, she is my fave illustrator/artist.

and finally, i bought a lil chrissy deco - to commemorate our first christmas as our own little family.

this arvo i'll paint some little house shelves for her room, nap, head to the pool and continue to crunch on iceblocks - tis pretty hot and muggy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


lovely 'inside garden diary' blog: belle fleur de lis

found via M

Monday, November 8, 2010


the ingredients for her mobile....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

sweet sunday

waiting for folk to arrive - we've got bbqing and rugby on today's agenda!

that and a little crafting. will continue working on the mobile i'm making for the mini lady.

above is our prized jute carpet we bought a while back (hello belly!) and also a necklace i made in about 5 seconds last night before i went to bed. i love wearing jewellery but my habits will have to change with a little baby around. my theory is, is that if i make everything suckable/chewable or kinda like a toy i'll be okay!

happy sunday whatever it is that you are doing!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

today's bread

50/50 rye white organic, stoneground sourdough - i'm very satisfied!

half of this will go sliced into the freezer along with yesterday's red quinoa spelt sourdough loaf - all in anticipation of bub's arrival.

the other halves remaining? oh what a shame - looks like we'll be devouring it over the coming week!

saturday morning sunshine and coffee

walked up to a new little cafe called Boundary Espresso for a morning coffee....the sunshine is a delight. felt nice to go for a slow stroll with camera in hand.

yesterday i baked a red quinoa and spelt sourdough loaf - didn't exactly work out up to my standards but the flavour is brilliant. spelt flour is about double the price of normal organic flour so i'm ringing around for a few different bulk prices. will spend next week trying to perfect the loaf as it was so delicious!

still feels so wonderful to be out of hospital and i'm certainly looking forward to a crafternoon with naomi later on today!

Friday, November 5, 2010

eventful week

an eventful week - was unexpectedly admitted to hospital for 4 days.....bub and i all well now and thankfully back at home.

so glad to be in my own bed, with unlimited cuddles from kee and fresh, crunchy food! today we made bircher muesli, a beautiful salad, soba noodle and vege sorta thing and i'm about to put a spelt and red quinoa sourdough loaf in the oven.

also realised i've been having braxton hick's contractions! nothing to do with real labour starting but all good practice for our big day!