Tuesday, April 19, 2011


life has been rather pear-shaped lately.
no time to take photos.
no time to blog.
no time!
sometimes i wish we were close to family.
sometimes i wish i knew just what our little baby Lottie wants.
sometimes i just wish i could sleep for a million years.

what did i used to do before she?
(i must have wasted so much time.....)

thank goodness there will be 9 days in a row of mama, papa & baby time ahead.

Monday, April 11, 2011

happy birthday sissy

happy birthday to my darling sissy....love all of our memories like rollerskating to phil collins, singing in the rain, dressing up, colouring in and just generally hanging out like a right royal pair of Bib and Bobs.

so proud of everything you have achieved and the person you have become. you are amazing, caring, compassionate, flippin' hilarious and so, so, so beautiful.

love k, f & lp xoxox

weekend lunching

weekend spent lunching and enjoying fine company and food! above is a sour cherry cake we made for a friends birthday. my omama's easy recipe again - just so versatile and easy!

omama cake
weigh 4 x eggs without breaking them....
then add same weight of: sugar, self raising flour, butter
some vanilla or lemon zest if you wish and depending on the fruit you use
combine and add a splash or two of milk to make a thick batter
pour into greased and lined springform cake tin and add fruit of choice
(think cherries, apple, pear, peach, blueberries.....anything really!)
sprinkle with raw sugar and bake in medium pre-heated oven until done!
finish with icing sugar if you like and find a bunch of friends to share with, along with a cup of tea!

marjee// don't worry, plenty of thought about baby and milk and sleep.....just need the cooking and crafting to balance it all out or else i'd go madder than i've already grown!

a common thread// doesn't take much - once you start you can't stop!

angie// we laugh so much about addie saying "thats awful/disgusting" to your food that its now a catchphrase in our house.....so of course you dread it when your little people will say that! but your creative solutions are giving us ideas for how we may have to deal with lottie in the future!

catherine// if only i had your food photo skills to take pictures of our creations!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


one of the things i miss about being a non-mama is the amount of time we used to spend in the kitchen! we would set aside whole days to make big batches of curry pastes, experiment endlessly with sourdough breads and do what seems now outrageous, things like making pasta from scratch.

bit by bit we are working our way back. i made my first couple of sourdough loaves and am so happy i can easily fit it into our lives again. soooooooo sick of shop bought bread.

also enjoying loads of bits and bobs, such as these oven roasted mushrooms with home-made pesto, pan fried flat beans with garlic, chives and butter with a witlof, nashi and dill salad.


Friday, April 1, 2011

outside in

i dont' know what it is but i most love gardening in the autumn/winter. maybe because you have to do little apart from snail hunting and you have great reward! well, thats how it goes here in melbourne anyway.

autumn is my favourite melbourne season. it makes me want to bring the outside in. love this big picture of leaves from a Dos Visit