Saturday, June 19, 2010


(incredible orchids on someone's front door in asakusa, tokyo)

it was only a four day week this week but still - the weekend couldn't have come sooner....

caught up for dumplings with a good friend whom i used to work for last night and i swear i still feel full this morning (i hope my baby likes dumplings cause it sure has had a few of 'em lately).

this weekend brings a haircut, a swim at the pool, the beginning of big love season two, more work on the crochet baby blankie, a big market shop and various other nesting activities.

what is it about being pregnant that makes you want to clean out cupboards, send things packing to the op shop and re-arrange your bookshelves? or cook a giant sized meal to be tupperwared into the freezer? i NEVER keep things in the freezer.

i guess it's what they call nesting!

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