Thursday, December 2, 2010

around my way


gardening, crafting, napping, ice-block crunching, nesting, walking all continues as we wait for our bubbaloo to arrive.

turned the phone off yesterday and napped four times and made it my perogative to rest up for her big arrival.

i made tabbouleh and kee made burnt eggplant and tahini salad - another winning recipe from the amazing book Plenty - yum! we must enjoy making these lovely dinners as soon i'm sure it will change when she arrives (for the first little while anyhow).

come on little person - come and meet us! we so can't wait for a cuddle and smooch!



  1. I was 2 weeks overdue for all 3 of my children, some women just take longer to bake them I think. Do try to avoid the induced option as it's not great (all fast & furious the time I had one!)

    All that napping sounds lovely, if only we could store naps in the bank for those months after babes arrive.

    Hoping all goes well for you all.

  2. thanks for that advice Angie - yes - going through the birthing centre they certainly encourage you to avoid an induction and will let me go 2 weeks overdue before i am no longer allowed to birth with them. it is so nice to know you don't have the pressure of induction facing you! so for now it is all about lovely strolls, dinners with friends and yes - those divine naps!