Monday, October 10, 2011

{break in transmission}

Since Poppy died I haven't felt the need to blog. Through my time as a blogger I have gone through bouts of wondering "why blog" and always returned with ferver. But as we approach this crazy time - walking, toddlerhood, moving interstate, change of EVERYTHING - i feel like i need to concentrate on living. appreciating what I have left of where I live and the amazing life we have built around ourselves.

it is incredibly emotional to think about leaving this house. my child was born into it. not to mention the amazing dinner parties. the loungeroom conversion into a killer dancefloor. this neighbourhood has been our lifeline when it felt like we were trapped in an endless bubble with a newborn. now it seems fitting that as we start to spread our wings, so too, we shed our current little coccoon.

so it will be rather quiet around here. i have LOVED the solidarity i have been so lucky to have built up with many of you. it has kept me company when i felt lonelier than ever before. it has inspired me. made me feel like this world is a grand old place!

but now its time to focus on everything that lay in front of me today and in the near future. I even deleted my facebook account! I will of course keep reading along and peeping into your lives as you have new stories to share. and most importantly, will reconnect when the time is right! my blog may even begin its fourth rebirth!

i would DEARLY love to connect with those that live on the west coast. its a scary thing leaving my mamas here and it will feel so nice to know I have some fellow ladies out there who 'understand'.

so take care all.....much love to you, your families and little ones. can't wait to see you on the other side of all of this crazy, hectic hard work we have in front of us!



  1. aw fifi! I love love reading your blog and seeing your gorgeous little girl's smiley face! I'm going to miss your writings!

    I really want to organise a perth blogger picnic in hyde park when you move!

    Stay in touch! xx

  2. ahhh I have been checking back every now and again to see how you are... What a big life you have! Take the best of care, of yourself and your little one and your man... Ride out those storms, and make sure you laugh about them afterwards... So long, it's been lots of fun reading along. xo

  3. EEek! I've been on holidays and have come back to this:( I will miss your words but understand your need to be in and to savour every moment. Looking forward to meeting up in

  4. Good luck with everything that is ahead of you. Kellie xx