Sunday, November 7, 2010

sweet sunday

waiting for folk to arrive - we've got bbqing and rugby on today's agenda!

that and a little crafting. will continue working on the mobile i'm making for the mini lady.

above is our prized jute carpet we bought a while back (hello belly!) and also a necklace i made in about 5 seconds last night before i went to bed. i love wearing jewellery but my habits will have to change with a little baby around. my theory is, is that if i make everything suckable/chewable or kinda like a toy i'll be okay!

happy sunday whatever it is that you are doing!


  1. thats necklace is beautiful!
    I wore a bright wooden beaded necklace to the christening last week in hope that he would like it, and he sucked on them. now they have lost some of their colour. sorry lachie!

  2. I love your necklace the beads are great colours, I hope you're doing well : )

  3. beautiful necklace. i think that's a good theory.