Wednesday, February 2, 2011

daily essentials (aka feeding table)

so, i always love posts like these from thankyou, ok where people post their every day essentials or what is in their handbags.

i'll save you the boredom of what is in my nappy bag.....but here is a glimpse of my essential feeding table next to my rocking chair. everything must be within reach....

+pen and paper for writing down feeding times
+remote control (martha stewart show in the morning and series such as sons of anarchy and bored to death)
+coffee cup / rooibos tea cup
+bub stuff (liquid vitamins, gripe water, lanolin, camera - yada yada yada)
+giant glass of water (breastfeeding makes ya thirsty!)
+bowl o dum dums!

i love this bowl. i have two with a matching salad bowl! great colours and shapes

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