Saturday, February 12, 2011

love the sight of.....

love the sight of fresh washed nappies on the line with our vege patch in the background.

call me crazy but this is the life!

what do you love the sight of?


  1. stephen's peanut butter knife while he is away. awww boyfriend.

  2. hahahhaa - i bet they drive you wild when they are on the sink all sticky with PB. i know they do that to me when Kee leaves them around. His dad bought him a jar of nutella whilst he was visiting (lost in translation "can you get some nuttelex?") and his nutella knives drive me BALMY!

  3. they sure do. completely covered with ants as well. I'm even loving the sight of his broken lonely shoe permanently placed on the loungeroom floor right now. Kinda like how you love em more when they are sleeping.
    I love nutella though.

  4. I know! I love the sight of my chooks milling about pecking at bugs although not so much the sight if them in my Vegie beds :) It's the little things that make a huge contented sigh of pleasure!