Wednesday, March 16, 2011

fruit glut

i love when there are gluts of certain fruits or vegetables amongst our neighbourhood and friends. that combined aim to find a new recipe for zucchini or the common mission on what new to do with figs? conversation quickly turns to "have you tried making apple butter?"

i've had cucumbers, capsis, zucchinis and cherry tomatoes going gangbusters in my garden so to have armfuls of figs, apples and green beans in return is lovely!

fig jam and fig tea cake were made and shared!

people who don't engage in their garden and life in this way just don't know what they are missing!


  1. oh wow that looks so good, I bet it tasted amazing. I think growing your own fruit and veggies is one of the best experiences, I just wish I had more space and more of a green thumb. Sounds like you have had a bumper crop!

  2. Oh it looks really good, love figs, I think I will buy some tomorrow : )
    thanks again for the magazines, they are great !