Monday, March 28, 2011


another lovely family weekend as K had friday off. too busy enjoying it to remember about my camera! had all the good things that constitute a lovely weekend. I even did a morning of WORK for the first time since LP was born and it was great. hope to do a few more little bits and pieces if it works.

also continued to do more de-cluttering, re-organising and taking stuff to the op shop. thinking of imposing some sort of a 'no-buy' pact on myself. not that i spend much money, its just i'm a sucker for op shopping which generally means you bring home stuff you don't really need but just takes up space being beautiful. which has its place, believe me, but i need to get realistic in this new life of ours and its surprising how much space a little baby takes up physically and emotionally!

saved a pip to make a little avocado plant, just like Lotte's pictured above


  1. ah! avocado plants! i did this once and it turned out really well. i was amazed at how a little plant/tree could spring from the avocado pit.

  2. yes - it looks great! i'm patienty waiting, waiting!!! i wanted an indoor plant but i'm dabbling with the whole notion of not buying anything for a while so i just used Lotte's idea and voila! well hopefully voila :)