Saturday, July 3, 2010

weekend again!

(around this time last year mum visited and we went on loads of winter walks, pinched plant cuttings and did lots of opshopping. we didn't have a car yet so we travelled the epping line through some very no-frills suburbs)

don't know how it happened but weeks seem to be slipping into some kinda vortex. but super happy it's the weekend........even if it is a rather cosy, domesticated kinda weekend in front of us. although i have to say, i miss late night dancing and on these cold winter nights a glass of shiraz would be amazing but hey - gotta give this little bub in my belly the best i can which is early nights and nerry a drop of booze!

kee's in the garden at the moment preparing the soil cause i've got some leafy winter greens to plant in. then we're off to the market, going to make delia's winter veg pie (for the second time this winter) and the gang are coming over for cosy, lazy winter dinner and footy. pumpkin soup, roast chook and cake are also on the menu! yum!

i must admit, on days like these, i am rather fond of melbourne winters......

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