Tuesday, July 6, 2010

yo-yo delusion

why is it in times of stress or trouble, one tends to think of outrageously time consuming and laborious craft projects. one deludes themselves into thinking something can just be 'whipped up' and that all of the usual crafting obstacles will magically melt away and you will transform into some goddess of home made goodness?
it's a big mistake.
so instead of that giant sized quilt i'd LOVE to make for my daughter due in november (who already has a charmingly suitable quilt from kee's childhood) i may just give into temptation a little and make a kitschy number like those pictured above.


  1. Perfect for hanging!
    oooo after me telling you to 'breathe' today I blew a fuse at work, and stomped home in a grump.

  2. Big congratulations! How exciting for you, I like the kitchy goodness of the little toy, and anyway anything home made for babies is lovely!