Sunday, July 18, 2010

cold n' cosy

had lici visit from canberra to see the bump.........she couldn't keep her hands off it! I guess we've known each other since we are 12 and it's just a tad surreal for her :) I still sometimes look down and can't believe it! we went for a winter bbq at maroondah reservoir and it was beautiful and very very fresh!
spent a raging saturday night........kee picked up some antibiotics for his ear infection and i went to town with my new jumbo size clover yoyo maker. this thing is addictive! i'm making a mobile to hang from bub's pram and will thread them with felt and wooden beads and a few bells. it felt so lovely to be making this out of fabric i bought in tokyo and fabric i've been stashing for years.....i do love making little things for her. it's strange - it feels like a tangible way of loving her.

even though we haven't met her yet, we love her lots.

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