Friday, May 27, 2011

livin' local

we live in thornbury and we are blessed with sooooo many great local cafes, shops and characters. its such a lovely place to be a stay at home mama in. such a feeling of community and everyone is really friendly. no one is too cool for school and i like it that way. a beautiful blend of old and young people and a lovely blend of cultures. oh and how could i forget the great op shops!

we were discussing in perimeter last night how it will be a shame when the people who have made this area such a great place to live will be priced out of the rental market......we've been here for 2 and a half years now and just can't imagine living anywhere else. people used to laugh when we told them we lived "all the way up in thornbury" and it was even dubbed as North Northcote. Bah!

two places that are just really ticking my boxes at the moment are:

el joyero - such lovely people, a gorgeous interior and divine coffee
perimeter books - beautiful art/indie publications, along with japanese books and a lovely shop owner

it feels nice to have these places as part of our daily landscape - so check them out if you happen to be in our 'hood! (perimeter has been blogged about fairly extensively about the place....i love it - my mum who lives in a small town in western australia told me about it over the phone this morning!)


  1. we are thinking of making the move to Melbourne next year! Thornbury sounds so super cute! I looked at Fitzroy, Fitzroy North and Collingwood and they are so out of our budget! Maybe I should look at Thornbury!

  2. oh yeah - thornbury is ace! its still a doable bike ride into the city and its got all the things you need (amazing food stores, op shops, cafes) but without all the wanky people! come on over!!! perth is super small, i have a feeling we might know quite a lot of the same people! perth people are like mercury - they sorta gather together all around the world....although 3 and a half years on in melbs and our melbourne friends are starting to outweigh the perth ones!

  3. (p.s. if you need more persuasion, umm i mean INFO about thornbury, or some of the surrounding suburbs just ask! particularly if its mama oriented stuff....) have you looked in places like west preston or preston? super lovely houses and preston is awesome - great op shops, amazing food markets and a little chinatown as well as heaps of euro cafes and incredible junk/$2 stores. we totally love it. loads of people watching for bebe in pram too!

  4. thanks fifi! I didn't realise you were from Perth! weeee Perth is too small we would most def have friends in common! I'll check out Preston- thanks fo the tip! xx