Tuesday, May 3, 2011

we're baaaaaaack

okay - so after a really stressful couple of weeks, we had a really beautiful 10 days. first in the grampians and then in tasmania. just what we needed. we decided just to break all the rules in terms of what to do with your baby and we just went with it. sure there were still loads of tears, only the super mini-est catnaps and what has turned into the usual nighttime scream attacks....

but HEY! flying by the seat of our pants just made us feel normal and spontaneous again.....

we enjoyed bushwalks, baths in random sinks, way too much food, art (oh MONA how you are awesome) and got to do some lovely things like have long showers and day time naps whilst the grandparents had bebe.

lottie pearl may not be so good at the whole settled thing but she is super stirling to travel with!!!

now, back at home i feel refreshed, more confident and even though this whole motherhood thing is relentless i'm feeling like things could be on the up! well at the very least, our calendar is jammed with fun things in the immediate and not too distant future!


  1. glad you guys are on the up! your baby's legs are awful cute

  2. on the up......and heading towards sleep school. madame is waking up about 7 times a night and kee and i are walking zombies. pity its going to take a couple of weeks to get in. we're going to have to dig deep. deeper than we've ever dug before! are you o/s or still in aus?

  3. Beautiful! Welcome back!! Yup know what you mean re sleep...

  4. do a post on sleep school- promise! I want to hear everything!!!