Monday, May 30, 2011


of course weekends are the best. it means i do this whole baby thing with kee by my side for a whole 2 days in a row!

//drinking super strong coffee with old italian men on sydney road//cruising smith street//listening to gil scott heron records//watching footy and movies//walking//saying goodbye to a friend//giggling at our super banal conversations//

and more importantly.....with this new lease on life (aka SLEEPING and SLEEPING BABY) we are starting to uncover ourselves, become a lil more comfy with this new family life and even though its winter right almost feels like spring!

(saw these amazing MANIMAL moccassins in OBUS)


  1. I love Obus!!

    Glad you're feeling better, amazing what sleep can do! :)

  2. those booties are GRANDE! I would like some as they look super comfy thought because they are obus I think they may be out of my shoe budget haha! Yay for sleep, it is funny that is the one thing I miss the most of pre-baby life! I took those sleep in for granted! Its nice not to be zombie mama though huh?! I hate being a zombie mama, I was one on Saturday as Tallulah decided to feed for 2 hours at 10pm haha fun times!

  3. wowee! feed for 2 hours at 10pm? where did all your milk come from? i wonder what came over her?!?! because she's premmie do they say she needs more guzzling? i do a dream feed anywhere between 10 - 11 at night anyway so i'm still a zombie. i go to bed around 8 (very unsociable) then kee wakes me up on his way to bed and i give her a feed. it then assures us of only one wake up overnight, if any. mostly i miss crafting and just being my own boss :)