Wednesday, May 25, 2011

uno momento

realised that maybe i should pay a little more attention to this blog.....after all - it sometimes is my only connection to the outside world!

i've never really wrote toooooo much stuff on here, always in favour of pictures and the like but maybe it might help. things just seem very much 'one step forward, two steps back' but we gotta make the best out of the small victories and as someone wise told me "catch the moments of happiness"

i guess i'd really love to catch some zzzz's

(meanwhile, i love these bags from baggu! and thankyou blogland for keeping me sane during all the bouts of sleeplessness and in our time away from the real world out there! don't know how my mum did it without the internet :)


  1. I'm hearing you sister! And how could they ever survive without twitter, facebook and an iphone : )

    My saving grace is catching up with a friend I meet at mothers group, she lives two streets across and we meet up close to three times a day. It really makes a difference to my day.

    I hope bub gives you more rest soon, I relented and now co-sleep with my Luka every nap and sleep. It's the only way that he will sleep well.

  2. hey - whatever works! at least it means you are as well rested as you could possibly be. We tried co-sleeping for a while but it just didn't work for me. My limbs would go dead and i'm a very light and restless sleeper. But one mum swears by it in my mums group and i just love it when people have the confidence to do what works and what feels good! sounds wonderful that you have someone to catch up with so regularly. as for bub sleeping? i think we have turned a corner! she slept til 7 this morning! its kinda scary, i'm not sure what to expect!!! wishing you lots of energy and good times with Luka