Friday, September 9, 2011

3 piles


i guess it is rather convenient that we are starting to pack up just as lottie pearl has learnt to crawl and pull up and trash everything in sight. 
3 piles have started. Op Shop. Garage Sale. Pack. 

I ditched a few old collages I made and many superfluous pretty things have ended up in the garage sale pile. i even unceremoniously threw out almost half of my teenage/uni photo albums. i used to photographically document EVERYTHING and had them printed out in hard copy. these albums weigh a tonne and i've dragged them everywhere. i really don't need so many pictures of me and my friends getting trashed in parks or on camping trips. so i kept a a fair few and dumped the rest in the big bin. 

i love being ruthless. or maybe i just like feeling more than okay without all that STUFF.

(but don't get any ideas keegan. i am not. i repeat NOT throwing out any of my books on weaving, string art, paper flower making or macrame - none of which i can actually do...but that is NOT the point!)


  1. yep, I seem to need less as I get older BUT can't help myself at garage sales - the most awesome place for baby clothes!! Congrats on the purging..every time I de-clutter, I seem to make more of a mess

  2. Love having a clean out, I have a boot full of stuff to go to the op shop. I try to do it every six months at least, it feels great when the purging is over.

  3. There's something so satisfying about getting rid of things that you really don't need any more, just makes room for new things! : ) It's funny how something that meant a lot in the past can begin to be a little unnecessary in the future, I quite like that about life, the growing and changing part.