Friday, September 16, 2011

a good day

as a fairly new parent, i'm constantly surprised at my tolerance level for shitness. ie: i remember getting upset about a lot of fairly insignificant things prior to having a baby.


+i accidentally skidded across a friends living room floorboards, knocked over my kid who knocked over her kid who fell and aquired her first facial bruising and went on to scream for the next ten minutes.

+found a vegemite smear on my boob. who from? i couldn't quite tell.

+and get this....*gasp*....wee-d when i sneezed. 

and do you know what? i considered yesterday a pretty awesome day.

(incredible quilty thing full of similar reckless abandon via here)


  1. just beautiful... I have to cross my legs when I sneeze sometimes... (is that too personal for a blog...? I don't know!)

  2. thanks for the solidarity marjee! i thought it may have crossed the line but i've never been one for holding back. even it means laughter at my own expense!

  3. Urrgh my pelvic floor is a mess.
    I now wee when I:

    1. sneeze
    2. cough
    3. jog

    And I'm not very good at holding on anymore.

    it sucks.

  4. I too have numerous smears on my boobs (and my stomach which still sticks out) and it is a good day if I can identify what it actually is. thanks for keeping it real!

    thanks for the lovely comments on my blog - it really made my day.