Tuesday, September 20, 2011

false advertising

the weather has been amazing and we managed to ram our pram into the back of the estelle to drink beers on haystacks in the sun as part of the high noon festival. i felt bad 'cause all these people were coo'ing at my tiny human who was happily dancing on my lap for an entire hour and it felt like false advertising. i felt like i needed to have a sign that hung around my neck saying "criminally tired. hungry. pants i just washed and am wearing already covered in soggy cruskit".

BTW - how amazing are cruskits? yes they are tasty but boy, i never imagined they could buy you 5 minutes of peace. I try not to give her too many cause I just imagine them being like polystyrene buoys expanding in her gut. although maybe they could absorb all of those blueberries she has been fanging for lately!

we did have a pretty great weekend though. besty in town. roasted pork belly. ate way too much food. went op shopping. again - its all in the balance...............

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