Thursday, September 1, 2011

stillness/sleeping is overrated

day time sleeps are scant - blocked nose? teeth? general big girl-ness? i'm not sure but FUCK i'm tired! thankfully one of the mamas bought some beers to the park this afternoon. essential. thankgod you have been 'sleeping in' until after 6am.

your nude crawling is hilarious, as is your need to bang the shit out of everything. oh, and that little bit of excitement wee you do before your bath? well its downright hilarious.


  1. Good thing sleep is overrated with so many of us not getting enough! I have to wonder if sleep deprivation is making me find things funnier, even being pooed all over was hilarious last week.
    Adore the tie dye pants too.

  2. Sleep is for the weak!!

    haha. Oh I'd kill for a decent nap.

    A few of the girls from Mths Grp met for a pub lunch the other day and I have to say the beers were going down really well *whistles*

  3. Oh sleep. My dad told me recently that he was tired for 20years after I was born. Thanks Dad.

    Love the outfit!

  4. i can't complain too much ladies - she's been solidly sleeping through the night *knock on wood*. its just the day time sleeps have reduced! funny but with my babe, teething always gets her in the daytime. i think she has 4 x molars coming at once *sigh*. i've almost stopped checking for teeth now. well, the 8 teeth she already has has stopped me checking!!!