Tuesday, September 6, 2011

coughs & chaos

tough week, thank god the lurgy doesn't belong to US anymore. although k-man is feeling rather sorry for himself.....it has been nice having him a permanent doona monster on the sofa as we go about our day.

finally crawling - less whinging. but more crying due to amazing pulling up stacks. this girl only has one thing in mind and that is being vertical. redecorating was a must. we are now pulling off the 'minimalist' look. but only for half the house. everything waist height is gone and every surface above waist height is total chaos. time for a garage sale.

building site blue mesh fence has GONE and we have now replaced it with total love and adoration for old car yard bunting blowing in the wind. seriously. she is enraptured.

prammy walks have been our saviour. be gone cabin fever, teething, lurgy and crawling frustration!

1 comment:

  1. Oh she is just adorable! What a little darling.

    I can imagine how their little worlds must really open up once they become mobile.
    Bay isn't too far off crawling I think, even though I know it will mean a whole different ball game, I'm really excited for her.

    Love that crochet pram rug!