Thursday, September 15, 2011

things to make and do

my mum is coming over for the entire month of october. i was supposed to be going back to work for that time but i got major separation anxiety and felt totally overwhelmed by it so i kicked it to the curb....

so with a spare set of hands i'm going to set myself some lofty goals. mainly packing up the house but also lots of crafting. i haven't been very crafty as of late (although i have just crocheted her a little jumper dress which i'll photograph soon) and i have a fairly lengthy list!

i have decided that for Lottie Pearl's first birthday I want to make her something instead of buying her something. She won't even have a clue anyway. And i'm guessing that my crafting time will be reduced to even less with a busy toddler on my hands next year so here are some of the things i'm thinking about...........

dolly and clothes
dolly in suitcase
fold out pillow bed
birdie wings
sock monkey

do you have any ideas on dealing with your kids first birthday? will you say 'no presents' or 'books only' or maybe even 'handmade' only? have you already bought some presents? do share!


  1. I have been eyeing off nearly all of these projects as well. I love the owl/bird wings. They would be perfect for halloween. I don't have kids though so I might have to see if I can make them for myself.

  2. Love the pillow beds - awesome. mr k and I are making some artworks for s's room. he is doing some kind of portrait of the dog and i'll probably do some photos of the plants she loves to touch on our walks:)

  3. i saw these on your pinterest! I love love the pillow bed and may do this project too! i was going to say books only but we've decided in our mums group that we'll do a type of secret santa and spend a little more so instead of 10 crappy presents buy one nice one! And our families are stubborn and do as they please haha! I'm thinking of making a special doll for her though its probably won't be appreciated as its not very interactive! haha!

    So when is the big move planned? are you getting excited!

  4. we got a swing for Wil's first...
    goes anywhere, will travel, and he still loves it at almost 4... good value.
    The first birthday party is really about you guys as parents, celebrating that you've made it through a whole year! So do something you guys want to do - as long as you're there with LP, she'll love it!

  5. Sock monkey sock monkey ! then you can make me one too !!

  6. i LOVE the idea of the swing - my mum just found her a trapeze though....yes, the parents will go nuts and won't listen to us. my dad has already bought her a wooden bike.

    i know the ideas above are suitable for kids older than 1 but my thinking is that these things will come in handy the older she gets, when i have LESS time for handmaking. so you are right Renee, she probably won't find it very interesting - but in time.....maybe?!?!

    we will just be having a family picnic, you are right Marjee, to celebrate the fact we have SURVIVED without killing our little plant/pet/i mean BABY!

  7. I don't blame you for not wanting to go back to work I suspect that would be impossibly hard. Homemade birthday presents are the best, every year for my birthday my mum would sew me a new party dress, more likely then not in some beautiful liberty fabric, and now I still have quite a few of them. I think it was a lovely idea. Do little girls even wear party dresses any more? I think they should : )

    By the way those wings are seriously cute, I wouldn't mind some myself!

  8. Love those birdie wings! How cool.

    I haven't thought much about Bays first birthday yet. If we have a party it will just be a small family thing. I'll try and discourage people from bringing presents.. I feel she already has an embarassing wealth of clothes and toys.. books only is not a bad idea though..

    Not so keen on the idea of handmade only.. for a non-crafter like me I'd be wagging that party!

    Good on you for postponing your return to work. Mine is looming and I'm dreading it with every fibre of my being. But I have no choice so just trying to be brave.

  9. What a lovely idea to make something. Unfortunately I'm terrible with crafts but my sister is offering to teach me how to sew but doubt I'll be able to make something in a month!

    I really like the sock monkey. Monkey has attitude!