Thursday, September 1, 2011

walk walk walk walk walk

colours make our world go round! can you see that awesome basket i've been eyeing up for LP's toys? too many clam shells unfortunately. LP gave herself a mini black eye stacking it on her toy crate yesterday *mother fail*

(my mum did warn me and of course i didn't listen.....)


  1. um we have the biggest of bruises at the moment as she is starting to try and walk/climb things! it makes me paranoid sometimes because I think people are staring at it and judging me haha!

    P.S I enjoy these moving pictures!

  2. yeah, this girl has 3 scratches and a bruise on her head alone. she can pull herself up onto things but can't crawl or walk yet. so she is RIPE for stacks.

    make moving pics here! how great!