Wednesday, September 14, 2011

records and ranunculus

the ubiquitous ikea abacus was the reason behind this week's black eye. it has now turned a lovely green colour and it is garnering two kinds of looks from people. the 'double take have you bashed yr kid' look and the 'i feel your pain' look from parents who have recently gone through the stacking stage. so for now, the abacus has hit the top shelf amongst play of the days. i mean really, do you have a hope in hell of turning out normal if we play you purple rain? we always play you party tunes to get you psyched for bath time. nude and dancing. really. is there anything better?

on the domestic front, i have ignored our vege patch and garden since your arrival. last time i think i was in it was when i was weeding frantically and bawling - you were 14 days overdue and i was massive. the ranunculus never need love and they STILL show their casually beautiful faces, rewarding me for total laziness. that reminds me - we need to organise a busy bee for the garden before we leave.

meanwhile - i am shitfully sick again. we have had a scare with croup and LP is coughing her guts up at night and sounding raspy. nothing worse than youtubing croup coughs at night whilst your husband is out and your baby is crying and barking. s.c.a.r.y. she had a few episodes but then not a peep till morn. so hopefully she is just sick like me and it doesn't escalate. as a consequence we will miss playgroup and are off to the doctors.

dont' think much day time sleep will happen today - once again we'll be exiled to the park to stare at dogs, eat leaves and laugh at the wind blowing (does the breeze blowing in their faces make your kids automatically smile or is it just LP?).

in other words *bleurgh*


  1. not sure what i love more- the flowers or the word ranunculus.. gotta love a plant that is self sufficient.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling so under the weather.. still! Nothing scarier than self diagnosing on google either, but hard not to.
    Hope you both get well soon.

    Yes Bay also loves it when you blow on her face.. must be a baby thing!

    Oh wow. 2 weeks overdue. Would love to read your birth story if you have written it?

  2. awwww....croup sounds yuck - you must be exhausted. Hope you and little Lottie feel better soon.

  3. funny, i've never thought of sharing my birth story on my blog! i think i might though.....only half written so incentive to finish it!

    thanks for the love, ladies! hope your wednesday is anything BUT shitful :)