Thursday, June 2, 2011

binky + whats in yr bag?

turquoise seems to be a coincedental theme as of late......

this is whats in my bag (encouraged via Dos Family)

and since we've given away the dummy, Lottie Pearl has taken to a disgusting pale pink satin blanky thing with a bear head. It was given to her......I don't know why I find it so gross (maybe the already stinky sucked on ears) but in case she gets extra attached to her 'Binky' I thought it smart if I could make them myself. So tonight we'll test if she likes this! It has spent a few nights under my pillow to get my smell on it......

very selfish but it makes a mama feel better if it is homemade. waaaay better than super-synthetic-light-a-match-to-it-and-it-will-explode version. plus, it was nice to use the sewing machine for the first time in a long time!


  1. thats is super cute! I'm intrigued, how come you have banished the dummy? Tallulah currently uses one and I'm scared she is becoming addicted! Is having no dummy making Lottie sleep better?

  2. what about Granny dix's bag of goodies?

  3. renee: oh the dummy is fine for some babies but with lottie, it kept falling out which meant she kept on waking up! if Tallulah is happy to spit it in the night and doesn't require it being put back in then you should be fine! and doesn't she sleep like an angel at night???

    pip: oooooooh i'm so gonna do her bag!!! do yours! post it and then email jenny @ dos!

  4. nah Tallulah is no sleeping angel! Good nights she wakes twice for a feed on bad nights like last night she woke up 3-4 times and needed to be rocked back to sleep then wanted to play at times haha

  5. doesn't that go to show! i was always scared of reading your blog because i thought T was an amazing sleeper! thanks for making my day :) oh gosh, that sounded rude but you know what i mean!!! you always feel like you are the only ones.....but i believe we are all out there going through the same thing - its just trying to connect!

  6. I hated binkies until I saw the one you made, much nicer than what's around in shops.