Friday, June 10, 2011

yep. you got me.

okay - our life is FAR from perfect. sometimes it really annoys me how everyone 'assumes' K and I have the perfect little relationship. we've had just as many hard times, if not more and being married is NO picnic, let me assure you.

HOWEVER - there are moments like yesterday when he comes home from work (as an electrician's apprentice) all grubby and tired and he produces a gift such as this.....

a turquoise platignum rollerball pen - with the disclaimer "I know you wanted a ballpoint instead of a rollerball and you wanted black ink rather than blue....but the colour was just perfect!"

thankyou for always listening to my continual dribbling about all manner of things. even if sometimes you don't answer, i know its all filtering through :)

i love you xxx

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