Thursday, June 30, 2011

deserted island decisions

so here are my choices if i were to be stuck on an island......

starter: antipasto - cured meats, cheeses and pickled veg are just my go to!
main: fish curry - my first ever curry i tried was a fish curry and i still remember it in fine detail....
dessert: vanilla slice - i love the whole spectrum of 'snot blocks' from the school canteen ones with pink icing to the avante-garde with creamy white italian custard
drink: champagne no question :) dry and as cold as you can serve it!

of course this one is a hard one.....even with being allowed one artists entire discography! my two toss-ups couldn't be further from one another. Sade or Bjork?  Its a tough one. Wow. I'm stuck. But I have to choose! Shit! Okay....SADE! There. *phewf* that was hard......

this is a weird inclusion on my behalf. of course your immediate family is allowed on this island.....and i'm not even going to think of something smart like 'fridge' - i was thinking along the lines of the thing i find most beauty in and if it has a function or sentimentality then its an added bonus! but maybe i'd just like to say 'pen and paper' because i would be absolutely lost in this life if i could not write something down. but maybe lists would be redundant on this island?

i'd love to say weaving although i've never done it before! and i'm wondering whether i'd have to choose between knitting or crochet or whether they count as the same thing? i'm rather accomplished at crochet but have a long way to go with knitting so knitting it is. it uses much more brainpower for me and i'd have all the time in the world..........right?

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  1. Bjork would be very high on my list too, love her new track especially the end bit, and champagne would be close too. I hope you have a great weekend Fiona!