Thursday, June 9, 2011

colour me happy

its thursday - almost time for the LONG weekend....even though mum has gone, we've had a fab couple of days. i'm really enjoying all the giggling sessions Lottie Pearl and I seem to get up to these days. kinda like we have a continual private joke about nothing but which makes us lose it every time! i'm never shy about playing games with her on a bus or in public even though i must sound mad!

i'm hoping to finish off the handmade albums i've been working on of Lottie's birth and first few days home and i'm also hoping to go and put an overlocker on layby!!! *eeep* it feels a little crazy buying something so huge when i have such little crafting time but from all accounts these things save you STACKS of time......especially when sewing for the mini lady.

and on a more existential note - do you find it a positive or a negative to always dream or wish you were doing something different, being somewhere else? does it mean you are never happy with right now or do you think it is part of life to dream about your future?

apologies - can't remember where on ETSY i found these tin cups......


  1. I've just come home from picking my daughters up from school and my Mum's and I just checked my emails and yours has made me all teary. That is such a beautiful and sweet thing to say. Thank you.
    I also think that dreaming is a wonderful thing. xxx

  2. overlockers are the bomb! I heart mine!

    I like to dream about things all the time and I think it can be a positive thing to hope/dream/wish for more or a different lifestyle because sometimes its really easy to just keep doing the same old thing and become comfortable. Though being comfy is fun too! haha! However I am a firm believer that dreams can come true! Yes, that was rather cheesy!

    P.S I am planning a post on melb/perth move too!

  3. one yellow jumpsuit: just had to say it cause its true! i look forward to being a regular reader!

    renee: why am i so late to the overlocker party? did my invite get lost in the mail or something? i've been going at it on my 1980's bernina sport for way too long......and i look forward to that post!