Sunday, June 26, 2011


we've been on a fair few trips interstate and also a trip to the grampians since Lottie was born however we've always been with family or friends! K had an rdo so we decided to head away for one night just the three of us. its the first time we've been away and had long car rides since we gave the dummy away and since Lottie has learnt to sleep - so we were a little scared - didn't want to upset the apple cart!

she was so amazing! she slept in the car, was dragged around from country op shop to country op shop, endured sleeping in a strange place/cot and absolutely LOVED the spa bath! it was so lovely to have a bath all the three of us. and it suddenly dawned on me - i love my little family more than anything in the whole entire world and there really are few things better than hanging out together.

i even managed a bit of knitting and now we're home, Lottie has popped her third toof! top left. *sigh* they just grow so quickly don't they?

hope everyones weekend was as equally delightful as ours.....


  1. she is so darn cute! wowee can not believe she has teeth! no sign of teeth yet!

  2. what a gorgeous girl you have- I LOVE her name!