Wednesday, June 8, 2011


my mum visited this weekend all the way from perth. it meant k & i could sneak off for a few of life's luxuries like dinners, climbing, crafting and pubbing!

mum (or Gran) left last night and we miss her so much already. watching her play with Lottie Pearl i saw so much of myself. my mum never had a career as such but i think she did such an amazing job with us 3 kids. i'm proud to see myself as a mama in her. at times, i wish it were like the olden days and she lived just down the street. not to be in this modern world.....

on another note....i've been thinking about how many real friends i have. i heard an article on ABC radio about how many friends a person has. how many do you think you have? i've always been quality over quantity but particularly now with a baby i think my circle of friends has become even smaller. and i know i appreciate so much the friendship i have gained through this here blog.

above are some horses from our collection of horse paintings. one day we'll have that house, with a big fireplace and a wall full of horses......

update: owl binky is officially ACCEPTED!

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