Friday, June 10, 2011

teeny tiny textile

one day i'll be as awesome as sheila hicks but right now there is a large cavernous space between my weaving abilities and hers.....

so this is "one step closer to sheila" - an homage to all those friendship bracelets i made as a child and sold from a wrapped cardboard box for 5 cents as a lucky dip with the girl over the road, Jadee Dodd. we used to sit in the sun, our knees all scabby from rollerskating stacks, holding the embroidery thread between our toes as we plaited and knotted away.

a teeny tiny piece of knotmaking.

BUT the real fun starts when I do my full day workshop intro to machine knitting at popcraft. this will be a long life goal achieved and definitely one step closer to sheila!

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  1. woooooooooooo!!!!! one step closer to sheila!!!!