Saturday, June 11, 2011

saturday morning

kee has lottie duty this morning and unfortunately her noises awaken my infernal (& internal) mama instincts and i can't sleep in! BUT i can lay in bed and read and drink my morning stovetop coffee and FEEL as though i were relaxing. but tragically, all i can think about is her. how much did she eat for breakfast? is that whimpering i hear because she isn't comfortable? whats happening out there!!!!

mama bear instinct....sometimes i love you. you make decisions, and good ones, without even consulting my brain. but sometimes, just sometimes i wish you'd switch the hell off so i could RELAX!

saturday is our switch up day so i'm quite excited. i get the first half of the day off and then we swap. I just zoom past to boob her when she needs. i think i'm going to perve at paper at Zetta Florence and also pick up my overlocker!

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