Sunday, June 19, 2011

scarf, scoff, sleep, surprise!

the most beautiful hand dyed scarves by UNIFORM NATURAL - which one would you choose? I'm loving the mustard (of course) the fuschia (of course) but long to be as restrained as a one of the muted greys or even that very light pinky one.

another brilliant weekend here. visit from best friend. meeting mums at the bar for wine. eating the best hand made noodles on our side of town.....

lottie pearl has also "slept through" for the last 5 nights........i still give her a dream feed and she's still getting the hang of waking up at a civilised time but we are getting there!

and finally? some big change on our horizons. stay tuned!

love to everyone on this sunday xxx


  1. I am TUNED IN.

    good to hear you sounding so spritely!

    I'm a sicky here this weekend :(

  2. they are gorgeous! would like an ice blue...yay that Lottie Pearl is giving you some sleep! Our 2 year old still doesn't know what that means :) Surprisingly the kids have been fabulous so far on this holiday...I really am astounded, must be the promise of gastronomic treats around every corner! Tuned in to your news...