Saturday, July 9, 2011

baby anderson

baby anderson is due in september and we're having his baby shower tomorrow a couple of streets over! it will be so awesome to see my old, good friend Rus as a doting, first time father.

i made a pram blanket from beautiful bendigo wool which is australia's only grown, dyed, spun and sold wool (most yarn companies send australian wool to be processed in china). i hope baby anderson has many years of pram strolling, snuggling, spewing and picnicing with the blanky. it really was made with love.

we also had to make a patchwork square to be sewn up on the day into a quilt for baby anderson. i used much loved scraps of mine - bits and bobs i've hoarded for years and some picked up in tokyo. i'm excited to see how it turns out and what everyone else will create!


  1. it looks very lovely, my twin sister is getting a baby too in september : ) I have to make something too

  2. thanks ladies! lotte i look forward to seeing what you make for your twin's bebe. a beautiful crochet blanket no doubt. it will be novel for you to work with such thick yarn and hook instead of such fine detailed work that you normally do!