Friday, July 15, 2011

friday, as i find it!

today is friday and this is how some of the drawers around my house look! my faves are the last ones....small drawers i found in a junk shop. made with wood and sardine tins!

i think its nice to show a few more photographs of how things 'are' without too much primping and preening!


  1. i like this post I might do one like this too! I love those little drawers!

  2. aaahhh, your black cords and power board remind me of my house.

    na just kidding, i had been feeling rather self depreciating before but I"m kicking myself out of it... we have a mountain of junk to chuck I'm somehow more relaxed knowing that if i wanted to find a pair of socks or needle then i wouldnt be hit in the face with a useless piece of crap jumping out of the drawer the second i open it.

    on another note, do you want me to send book and knife over? of course I could keep them safe for december if you dont want more stuff to move. just in case you go camping of sometin.

    love the sardine cans, joy find :) I think I should catch on to your plastic zip lock bag thing you got goin on. are they dried limes?

  3. sardine cans were found in a canberra junk shop. a much beloved item of mine! i encourage all drawer photographing wholeheartedly. even the messy ones!

    ninny, keep the book/pocket knife till i arrive :)

    not dried limes. nutmeg :) i lurrve nutmeg in potato or fennel gratin! oh yeah....fresh nutmeg is about a gazillion times better than ground.

  4. love the power board too....just like our house except your drawers are much neater than ours!

  5. oh the powerboard....we seem to have one on either side of the bed!

    Love those little sardine drawers to bits.