Wednesday, July 6, 2011


being a new mama you kinda struggle with the old self and the new self. the two selves collide, and sometimes awkwardly, not to mention the self that is forged from a combination of the two.

renee over at renosslah has inspired this post - what makes me feel 'me' despite now finding myself in this whole new world of stay at home mama-ness. in some ways i feel more myself than ever. i've never worn a full face of make up and have gone through stages of taking my time to get ready but now what informs my ensembles are a)weather b)what is clean c)boob access. i'll always care about aesthetics as such! its just another fun game to be able to put texture and colour together!

in recent years i've put away more of the vintage (although had a huge revival when i was pregnant as all i could fit were giant nanna frocks and i refused to wear maternity wear) and i guess gone for what can only be described as MISH MASH! i'm an op-shopper, a maker and unashamedly i find some of my best bits and bobs at target and kmart! i also love a good 'uniform' wardrobe in which about ten items circulate and mix and match and i do this for a good 6 months to a year until slowly new essentials find their way in.

i love anything 'sack-ish' over skinny jeans or leggings. the bigger and floppier the better! i call it 'bag lady chic' and feel there is nothing better than rocking a muumuu!

i also LOVE a good 'pattern spew'. sometimes K laughs at me as I walk out the door with what seems a haphazard approach to putting patterns together. in my world there are no no-no's only YES YES YES to PATTERN! i love pattern on pattern in my house and on me! even if the pattern spew is a bit crazy for me i still love the feeling of being fearless about putting whatever feels good to me on. i think i've been that way since i was a kid.

so cue what makes me me (at the moment!)
+handmade necklaces
+my riki watanabe watch from our trip to tokyo
+my wedding rings
+opshopped scarves
+a mix of patterns, textures and colours! yellows, oranges and fuschia pinks mixed with browns, greys and blacks. linen, wool, opshopped jackets - all put together unapologetically and usually layered like a bag lady!
+clogs, moccasins (bought in nyc), tie on plastics and always with coloured/printed/bold leggings, tights and socks!

so thats me? follow renee's lead and show us who you are!


  1. I just read that post over at Renees blog and it got me thinking too.
    Might put a post together on this too.

    Love that big chunky necklace in first pic

  2. Can I just say I love your style. We are probably diametrically different fashion wise but you've inspired me to wear more colour and more patterns. Lurve your watch.

  3. I love this post! YES YES of the best things about getting a little bit older is feeling more expressive and fearless with clothing colours/patterns/ideas. Awesome x