Friday, July 15, 2011

these modern times

how lucky, as stay at home mamas, are we to be able to connect with others without even leaving our own four walls? my mum speaks a lot about isolation when she was in a brand new suburb out in the sticks with 2 small children. it really affected her experience.

thanks hatchling for thinking of me and reminding me that there are so many lovely connections to be had out there in this world AND that i shouldn't be so scared of moving "home"

meanwhile - whilst i wait for overlocker lessons to start - my old bernina is getting a work out! bibs, bibkerchiefs and bloomers are all being furiously sewn up. i'm really enjoying cutting patterns, taking my time and doing things neatly. even if i have to do it in many stages, across several days!


  1. awwwww, that is so sweet of you. you have a lovely way of writing sentiments! i was just thinking the same thing recently. on the days I get a bit stuck at home, it is nice being able to read and re-read each others blogs. i'm fairly new to all this but i love reading everyone's peeks into their daily lives. i would be a bit shy but would love to meet you and your lottie pearl (LOVE the name) when you come over. i think you might be my new mama guru with your beautiful photography, food and sewing!

  2. oh spark - i'm really not worthy of that sentiment! we are all mama guru's in our own way - you too! and don't be fooled. my house is a crazy crap shack cause i prefer to use my limited amount of spare time doing nice things to remind myself that i still exist (somewhere in there!). i would have never survived motherhood in another era cause my husband would be continually disappointed as i demand stay at home parenting be treated like a job too (ie: i'm too buggered to cook, you do it!). anyway - i think we should definitely have a glass of wine or cuppa when we make the move! lottie pearl would love a playdate with Sienna! and her mama wouldn't mind a good chat with another mama either :)