Thursday, July 21, 2011

tropical holiday

tomorrow, we're heading off on a plane to spend some time with the in-laws in darwin! tropical heat here we come!

this will be lottie's 5th time on a plane but she is such a pepped up bebe now i'm actually a teensy bit apprehensive. no more sleeping in mama's arms for starters....

so whats a mama to do? put together an action pack of never seen before toys, as well as some old time favourites all together in a homemade toy bag! i'm playing on lottie's absolute weakness for shiny, loud and colourful things and have sewn a bunch of stuff into gladbags. that way she gets to touch and feel without CHOKING! i've also been saving milk bottle lids and the likes and have threaded them, between cut straws onto some wool to make a super interesting and very chewable piece of bebe trash! she totally loves this kinda stuff!

and if all else fails - bring out the car keys!

(i implore you to go ahead and make such toys for your bebe but if they have teeth like mine, of course they'll need constant supervision when playing with them! but y'all mamas out there know that!)


  1. Woo hoo! Have a fantastic holiday! I spy Sofie the giraffe. Loved her as a child.

  2. oooh enjoy Darwin! and the sunshine!!!! x

  3. oh darn! I was going to ask you the best place to shop for buttons in Melbs... I'm visiting Thursday-Sunday. Have an AWESOME time and enjoy the grandparent babysitting!! Like you guys, we don't have parents in the same state, so every time we see them we get to have a date night!!