Thursday, July 21, 2011

new day

i'm so glad its a new day. its so hard when you feel super angry, frustrated and down in the dumps and you have no time or right to express it. i feel like i can't have those feelings anywhere near Lottie Pearl. Its unfair and just unhelpful. of course when she is older it will be important for her to understand that everyone has different feelings but right now, she just needs me to be full of smiles, love and enthusiasm.

as opposed to feeling like i could stab her miffy doll.

to be fair - yesterday got SO bad it became laughable. your sweet messages and even a parcel arriving from some friends in perth choc full-o-pressies of course made things better! i even went down to our local bookshop perimeter to buy myself some japanese books and the hello sandwich wrapping guide and that definitely put a smile on my dial.

so today i look forward to LP sleeping for longer, my mamas group coming over for lunch and packing our bags for a mini tropical holiday!!!


  1. I'm glad to hear today is better. Those horrible days are soul sucking.

  2. babyland is an emotional rollercoaster! I am so impressed with your fabric collection so lovely! Tallulah is still being really sensitive with everything electrical...including my sewing machine! She freaked out when I sewed that door snake! haha

    p.s what tropical holiday? super jelly!

  3. new days are the best.

    I'm not stalking, just catching up on your posts!

    About that fold over totally rocks, saves you heaps of time for lots of projects. There are probably a zillion tutorials on how to use the stuff, but in terms of buying it I get mine from nappy supply sites like "nappies covered".

    Good luck with it!