Monday, July 18, 2011


opshopping, sewing bibkerchiefs and zippy purses, eating and cooking too much, lunching, dinners, all nighters (for K that is), great grandparents and listening to BON IVER's new record over and over and over!

what i didn't capture on film was my sunday arvo tantrum  at K about NOTHING. turns out i just needed a nap, a big cuddle and a glass of wine!


  1. Love the green knitted jumper.
    It's amazing what a nap and cuddle can do to improve moods!

  2. hahahaha I had a tanti last weekend at Ross and yeah all I needed was a disco nap! I felt bad though because I'm sure he feels like having a tanti but never does! I asked my mums group if they had these outbursts and they all assured me they did. That maybe made me feel better! Awww our poor boys!

  3. green knitted cardi is super cute and hilarious - its knitted by K's elderly grandmother who has kinda lost her touch with knitting. so one arm is longer than the other and there are many holes. but we LOVE the colour and it was made with lots of love so we wear it anyway!!!

    and yes renee, our poor men. although mine admits that he just can't comprehend the job i'm doing and is so genuinely thankful for my mama-ness that i reckon he can put up with it every now and again.....and all those times inbetween the 'now and again' HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!