Monday, July 4, 2011

big news

photos from the last time we lived in perth// lunch, my local beach and collected shells

its official! we have decided to move to our hometown of perth. i have handed in my resignation, kee will transfer his apprenticeship and we will depart for the sunny west coast at the end of november/early december.

it came after much deliberation. since having lottie pearl in our lives our priorities have completely changed. whilst we love this big city and everything it has to offer us, we have no family support or any means of enjoying it! of course we have the most amazing inner-city life filled with everything you could ever want, good coffee, gorgeous cafes and lovely parks but there was this swelling inside of us that just seemed to keep rising the end of the day, we want to share our childhood memories of the beach and bush with our darling girl.

we spent a couple of weeks drawing up pros and cons tables, recruiting fair and unbiased opinions of well respected associates but at the end of the day the decision was up to us. we have had the most incredible time here. we will have been here for nearly 4 years. we moved here as career-less newlyweds and now can depart with a beautiful daughter, incredible work and life experiences and life-long friends who have been made and sorely missed.

it will certainly be an emotional move. how will it feel to be back in our hometown. you grow up having a perpetual feeling of needing to escape. and now we find ourselves returning no longer looking outside to fill some internal space with new sights and delights. instead our focus has shifted to our daughter. whilst of course we will continue to broaden her horizons and give her every bit of the world we can it just seems right to think of having tea at the beach, riding our bikes along the river, driving down to our favourite family camping spots....

there is danger of looking at 'home' through rose coloured glasses and believe you me we are not doing that. it will be HOT beyond belief (goodbye amazing coat collection) and dry too (goodbye easy gardening!) and we will not have cafes within strolling distance nor be able to buy organic meat, cheap f&v, food goods of the world and all within a ten minute walking radius of our house. we will be moving back to a place that relies on cars more, as opposed to feet, bike and public transport here.

every pro has a con and every con has a pro. i find myself thinking things like "oh, i'll miss wearing socks with clogs" followed by "awesome! won't have to wear socks with clogs!"

this new phase in our lives is scary and exciting all at once............and moving interstate with a 1 year old in tow will certainly be interesting!


  1. holy moly! how exciting! I think you might love it- Perth has changed a bit in the last 4 years...slowly but its heading in the right direction! maybe we should totally have coffee when you get back! hurrah!

  2. would love to have a coffee! i'm already mourning the loss of my mothers to have another fellow mama twould be wonderful! i might even be so bold as to hijack one of your mama's group get togethers? yeah i've heard perth is totally different in terms of it has cafes and bars and cute shops etc! just very different to living in thornbury!!!!

  3. I wish I was moving back to Perth!
    I'm sure it won't have a patch on Melbourne style-wise but how wonderful to be back with family

  4. Perth is awesome! Both the boy and I lived a long time overseas and thought we would move back after bubba but we are seeing Perth in a new light now. Parents + sunlight + warmth + river + beach = happy baby and happy parents:) Also lots of baby friendly little neighborhood bars and coffee shops are springing up everywhere. My brother is an artist in Melbourne and even he hears Perth is the place to be (he's not moving back until they stop serving lattes in a glass...we're almost there). Congrats on such a big decision. Mustn't have been easy. Apparently the Wembley, Leederville, Mount Hawthorn neighborhoods are the biggest baby explosion areas in Australia...who knew?