Thursday, July 14, 2011

winter comforts

we got fancy and purchased a beautiful choc brown leather sofa recently. perfect for cuddling, crafting and easy to wipe baby drool off of!

next on my reading list are these two books. recommended by the lovely book-nerd girl who said they are somewhat like my fave book 'a confederacy of dunces'. wonder how long it will take me to plough through these babies!

(if you look closely you can see the beautiful bird that Catherine from Little Glowing Lights made! Its hanging on our kitchenette drawer handles and is made from liberty fabric *oooooo*)


  1. ooo your house looks so clean and cosy... I just totally felt completely jealous in a really sad way. if you with baby can have a clean cosy house, why cant i?

    but now that I've reminded myself of how much of my shit is gonna get chucked this weekend i feel better.

  2. let me just say this nice and clearly. our house is not clean! well its clean. but its MESSY! behind the sofa is a mic stand, a crate of toys and a few toolboxes. you just can't see 'em! the kitchen is gross cause i just made up a few batches of food for LoBo and.........need i go on? :)