Monday, August 15, 2011

and off we go again!

what a whirlwind..........

after 10 days in darwin, then 5 nights home with a visit from my dad, we booked and left for Perth to visit my gravely ill Poppy so we could say goodbye.

despite being there for such a sad reason, especially after having to return home 5 months earlier as my uncle died suddenly, we had some amazing family time. all the things i am looking forward to about our return back to perth in december. just hanging out and doing all the good stuff. strolling. playing with the hose. long baths. riding in laundry baskets. op shopping. i even managed to have my first hangover since lottie was conceived! (yuk, its overrated people!).

and now we're home again. as always, lottie travelled amazingly well and just picked us all up when we were feeling down. pretty sure he won't last till our return in december but we love you poppy. you remain a stubborn old bastard right up til the end.

and mum? all i can say is thanks :)


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your Poppy, but glad that you made the most of some family time and you got to see him before he reaches the end.

    Well done Lottie! What are your tips and tricks for the flights?

  2. where's my thanks?
    for the hangover?