Monday, August 29, 2011

tryin' our darndest!

despite sickness finally hitting our household (for the first time) we are having fun.

pram walks // parks // looking at dogs // laughing at chickens // playing vigorously in the tupperware crate // cafes // CERES //

snuffling and smiling all at the same time! i've noticed that as of late i've been a bit glass half empty so today, despite sickness spoiling sleep-time i have been half glass FULL.

meanwhile - instagram is ADDICTIVE!


  1. You're amazing I find it so difficult to be positive when I'm sick.

  2. nah Lila - its my kid - honestly, she is just so bloody smiley and happy 90% of the time! and....i once had an epiphany - when i was 20 and i had to pay for my own wisdom tooth to be extracted AND get myself to/fro the dentist. i suddenly realised i was an adult and no one else could just come and do shit for me! it'll only be worse if i drag my feet. although i do love having a hissy fit every now and again to balance things out!

  3. Those rainbow pants are the bomb!

    I just have to tell you that the bits and bobs sewn into bags for air travel are the absolute best. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  4. aren't the rainbow pants outrageous? my in-laws are old hippies and when LP was born they kitted her out in the stuff. i hated it to begin with but i just LOVE them now. they are from all the darwin markets. i think, rainbow babes? in small doses its super cute. we've had a pair of leggings in every size since birth and until size 2!

    oh and glad the bits and bobs bags were useful for you! i can't claim it as my idea - my mum is a kindy teacher and was an incredibly crafty/inventive mum for us kids - it was her idea!!!