Thursday, August 25, 2011

is it me? or is it you?

what is it about maternal health nurse check up appointments that leave you feeling like your child is defficient in every way?

we had one today and the major facts i've come away with are: my kid is a midget who doesn't babble.

that is despite the lovely maternal health nurse (a new one) who was so sweet she told me she LOVED my list of questions and gave me a whopping 30 minutes to take it slowly and and get to know us. she was reassuring, calm, quietly spoken, rational, reasonable, practical and compassionate.

this kid is so inquisitive she'd hear a pin drop. she moves and dances like a maniac and won't keep still for quids. she drops big toofy smiles like a rapper drops swear words and besides.......good things come in little packages!!!


  1. Don't worry, coming from someone tiny whose first two children always measured small, they do things in their own time, growing babbling all of those things. Those visits are good for some things but comparing to other kids should only ever be a rough guide.
    Besides she's happy and lovely!

  2. my inner smart lady believes that but my inner stupid girl is taking over! aaaaaaaaaaah!!!! nah, i know she's doing okay. and grass is always greener right? i'm thankful for her good health and bombastic personality!

  3. she looks like she has such a big personality. I know you know this but I'll say it again to remind the "inner stupid girl"...don't worry about those guides...I didn't speak until I went to school (bit of babble the year before) and I ended up getting my hons in english and communications!!

  4. wow, spark - do you remember not speaking? what was it like? i guess your head was still full of thoughts so maybe you didn't notice? intriguing! and yes, she has a HUGE personality! but i guess most kids do. she's just clearly an extrovert already although she has beautiful moments of quiet reflection and 'tick tick ticking' where you can see her cogs turning which i gotta remember to acknowledge. i was always typecast as an 'elizabeth taylor' so i'm careful not to put her in one box also.

  5. dudes love fun little chicks with kicka smiles. it's evolution.

  6. My CHN does this too.. I was feeling like a bad mother because Bay wasn't rolling at 4mo and most recently she made a comment about the babbling too (apparently she is using too many vowels and not enough constanants??) She is a pretty chubby baby so at least she is off my case about that!
    But it seems there is always something not up to scratch!