Wednesday, August 31, 2011

on the cusp!

what a terribly demented day yesterday turned out to be! all we could do was do what we do best - strolling and looking and not spending a minute more than is necessary indoors. we caught a bus for kicks, strolled through preston chinatown, did our usual laps of glory around the nighbourhood. and all the while, trying your hardest not to blow my mind with your 'whinge-crying'. i know its not your fault poor baby but you did do my head in yesterday.

as always though, you redeemed yourself by virtually crawling for the first time. i lured you with my childhood fisher and price record player and it worked a TREAT. you can now make a few tentative 'crawling steps' but mainly go backwards. you can also officially pull yourself onto the sofa.

every morning on our early morning pram walk you demand to touch this piece of blue mesh on a building site fence. i wheel you as close as the wheels will let us and you delight in taking your time to really feel every detail.


  1. Obviously our kids have their own blogs and plotted to drive us both nuts yesterday. It was pouring cats and dogs yesterday and the only way I could get s to sleep was to drive around the block and then sit in the driveway for 2 hours while she slept (and she never usually sleeps that long). Love the last, so sweet. maybe you have a little buddhist on your hands:)

  2. was it a full moon or something yesterday? Tallulah was crazy intense yesterday! we even decided to go and have a play with her super energetic cousins but nothing helped the whinging! though its 8:40am and she is still asleep...unheard of!

    p.s; touching the fence made me laugh...we live in the rear apartment and there is a hedge and Tallulah ALWAYS demands to run her hands along it as we walk down to our door...haha babies!

  3. blogging everyday ... you're crazy lady ! hahah love the mesh/frnce pic ! mind you everyday since your visit I listen harder outside and hear birds, and think Lottie would have swiveled her head for that haha

    prob cutting up the gift tags, to make new ones ... something just isn't right ..

  4. Love the record player. Maybe we should stop and run our hands along fences and hedges like they do?